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Modern Ruin
The new Covenant album - expected in fall 2010

"Modern Ruin" will be the name of the new Covenant album, which was originally announced for 2009, but is delayed. Of course many Covenant fans wonder how it is going to sound and if any influence of the new Covenant member Daniel Myer will be noticeable.

During the last months Covenant released some song demos on Myspace. Now you can have a listen to those tracks again exclusively here on Covenant.de! "Although these demos are just "sonic sketches" some of the presented ideas might be incorporated in the new songs."

Song Demos:

01. Come
02. Beat The Noise
03. Broadway
04. Right Here, Right Now
05. The Night
06. Suicide Drone 73

The Modern Ruin Intro

An intro on Covenant.se is announcing "Modern Ruin". The visual aesthetics and also some appearing words already indicate the mood of the new album. The animations are accompanied by a very atmospheric industrial/ambient track.

Words appearing in the intro:
Decadence and Oblivion / Ambitious, Shameless Pride / Loop And Overdrive
Here And Now / Hope. For What It's Worth. / Death & Rebirth / Evolution
Romance In Spite Of All Odds / Forever

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